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Event:Role Theory, its Development and Links to Practice
Date(s):16/05/2020 - 17/05/2020
Times:Saturday 10-4, Sunday 9.30 -3
Location:manzil Resource Centre Entrance 2
Manzil Way
OX4 1XE (Click For Map)
Are you interested in developing a better understanding of role theory, and how this can be utilised within practice? This weekend will give you an opportunity to explore the use of roles in practice and the theory that underpins it.

Learning outcomes:
Gain understanding of the theory of role dynamics
Develop awareness of role development
Gain understand of how role theory fits into psychodrama
Opportunities to consider the impact of role theory on practice.
Opportunity to practice role development within a safe setting
Development of transferable skills
Opportunity to consider further development of skills and understanding in Action Methods and Psychodrama
Development of personal learning outcomes for this workshop and beyond

Who should attend?
Diploma or certificate trainees from any psychodrama school
Those who are considering training in psychodrama
Those who are in related professions such as social care, therapy, mental health, education, community arts or personal development (including trainees in such professions)
Those who have a particular interest in psychodrama or the topic of the weekend
Course leaders
Dr. Lisle Scott, OSPIP Trainer, psychodrama practitioner and psychiatrist
Gill Attwood, OSPIP Trainer, psychodrama practitioner and Registered Mental Nurse

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